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About  Us

With a naturally keen sense of class and appetite for constant beauty, Golden Banquets was built on a foundation of pride and elegance.


Our celebrations are distinguished from others based on many factors. Having over 20+ years of experience we have gained the knowledge and skill to provide you not just with great service but with a beautifully memorable experience for you and your party. No matter what size accomodations, Our services range from Event Planning, Luxury Transportation, Expert Decorative Assisstance, to even Videography and Photography services.  Golden Banquets will always strive to be the best and will go to any means to prove it to the world and not just our customers.

We here at Golden Banquets express our love for the arts  by providing versatility in every aspect allowing our customers a truly innovative as well as smooth experience throughout the entire duration of our services. We put our seal of approval on every event we provide no matter how big or small the task is. It is the Golden Banquets way.



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